Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beach resort in san roque batangas philippines



beach  resort in san roque batangas philippines

is about 5 km west of talisay batangas. experience the
magnificence of the volcano rising from the quiet taal lake...

 its a great experience and a what a truly spectacular sight!! the resort have many rooms and cottages what a beautifull room. they also three bedroomsin two guest house, living room with tv to relax your mind, nice kitchen with two refegerator cook your favorite food, and terrace is also available.

 if you like resort in nasugbu click here! 
 or you want clear blue waters in batangas heres the link

a bance boat can tour you to taal lake with "manong elly"  its free when you avail the package deal so vicit now the taal lake with beautiful volcano.

do you want clean blue waters can attrack swimmer to swim click anilao here

the batangenous so warmth and kindness to turista even your filipino and foreign the hospitality, reasonably priced, beautiful, peaceful, and gorgeous beautiful  resort