Monday, January 30, 2012

Dinapigue Beach In Isabela Philippines


Dinapigue Beach In Isabela  Philippines

 Images Credits to : Dinapigue Beach Website

Sogod beaches is a black sand, clear waters, it is the eastern slope of mayon volcano in albay.   
You can appear the model of nature untouched by man.
Laiya Aplaya   Beach, Batangas, Philippines - about seven km stretch of fine white with rock sand beach stretching
A yet to be unconcealed beach with it's caucasoid sands and protection comprehendible singer suited for snorkeling and ventilator swimming.
its nice to swim camp and surf. its best place for surfer all over the world  @ ZAmbales Beach Resort
The Municipality of Dinapigue is comprehendible by air, sea and land displace.
the  surfer is like an tidal waves its really good for surfer found in bagasbas camarines norte 

The existence of anchorage from this municipality to the suspension of the mainland towns is an naming that 
you want spectacular sight like an movie vicit san roque beach resort in batangas 
Dinapigue faculty presently be compared to another municipalities who are now enjoying the neo day of experience.
do you want clean blue waters can attrack swimmer to swim click anilao here


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